Bondi's strong performance deserves a second term as attorney general

Wednesday, October 29, 2014
Florida Times-Union - Pam Bondi was a political beginner four years ago. She was a career prosecutor in Tampa and was happy in her job. She had never run for public office. Yet she was seeking the highest position in law enforcement in Florida. So the Times-Union did not endorse Bondi. We just felt that she did not seem ready. What a difference four years has made. Now after one term in office, Bondi has the confidence that comes with success. She went after the pill mills and helped shut them down with allies in the Legislature. No longer are seven Floridians dying each day from prescription drug abuse. Then she went after human trafficking, a scourge in Florida, by putting prosecutors to work on it statewide. Bondi moved her office’s Medicaid fraud operation from Tallahassee to Miami, where much of the worst fraud is located. The unit recovered $182...
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Editorial: Second term earned by Bondi to continue her agenda

Sunday, October 26, 2014
Naples Daily News - Bondi deserves re-election because she’s confronted critical law enforcement issues Florida faced during her first term. Chief among her accomplishments since being elected in 2010 are her role in addressing the pill mill scourge in Florida and focusing on creative ways to search out crime victims who can’t protect themselves, those entrapped in human trafficking. Read More
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