AG Bondi Fox and Friends Interview on Medical Marijuana Amendment

Bondi: You just summarized it beautifully. That's our exact concern, that children can have access to this. Let me tell you, four years ago in Florida, we were the pill mill capital of the country. Of the top 100 oxycodone dispensaries, 98 of them lived in Florida. We fought long and hard. Now we're down to zero. Oxycodone deaths have dropped dramatically and we don't want this turning around to every corner dispensing pot instead of prescription drugs. That is why these justices -- this is a great opinion by seven former supreme court justices. They believe it is broad, vague and they believe it would cause general use. They're frightened about the immunity it could give anyone who dispenses it. And that it, age requirement, that children could access this. Everything we've done in Florida -- you and I have talked about this horrible synthetic drug problem, the spices. It's really heroin. Everything we've done to try to put these bad guys out of business, now we could have a pot clinic, a Department of Health, their numbers, they estimate that there could be 1,800 pot shops open within our state. And once this is embedded -- and this is the problem the justices have. Once this is in our Florida Constitution, it's going to be very difficult to fix the flaws. And again, it's my duty to defend it.

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